Remainer Action is an information resource which aims to help people add their individual voices to those of the many Remainers and mainland EU citizens who wish the UK to Remain in the European Union.

RemainerAction exists because many Remainers woke up on 24 June 2016, shocked and heartbroken by the European Union referendum result, just like me.

Many Remainers, also like me, had felt that by voting in local, national and European elections we were doing our bit for British democracy.

It seemed inconceivable, that a British Prime Minister would try to avoid the Mother of all Parliaments, to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, using an archaic Royal Prerogative.

Especially not, after a non-binding consultative referendum, which our sovereign Parliament could legally ignore.

Despair turns to anger and frustration. The anger is good. The anger can be channelled into positive action.

Lots of people have told me: ” I’m just one person. What can I do ? ”

Remainer Action aims to answer that question.

Théroigne S B G Russell