Sign petitions

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This can be done while you’re in a conference call in the office, bored at college – literally anywhere you can get internet access for a few minutes.


You must be either a British citizen or a resident in UK to sign a petition to the UK Parliament. 10 000 signatures gets a Government response and 100 000 gets a debate, usually in Westminster Hall.

To start a petition yourself you will need to be British or a resident in the UK and have five supporters but the website gives full details.

It isn’t necessary to be British or resident in the UK to sign a petition at Change and you can start a petition yourself.


Avaaz is another worldwide petition website, so again, no need to be British or resident in the UK and you can start your own petition.

EU Petitions Portal

The EU Petitions Committee looks at all petitions and they can be submitted online or on paper. You must be a citizen of or resident in, any EU member state to sign or start a petition.

Four million people got a debate in Westminster Hall, but only one million across 7 EU member states can get a Treaty change.