Contact the Council

You can email your own councillors to ask them to pass a motion condemning hate crimes. Though this sounds like a simple and decent thing to do, some UKIP/Conservative councils won’t do it.

Another reason to contact council members, is to ask them to vote to fly the European Union flag on Europe Day, 9th May.

Thirdly, you can ask the councillors if there are any twinning associations and ask them to make funding available.

These actions just take emails via WriteToThem all you need to know is your postcode.

You don’t need to be a UK citizen, just a local resident. If you have encountered hate or you want to celebrate Europe Day with your friends, all the more reason to tell these councillors about your experiences. Make them see you as a person, not a problem.

A simple search online using the name of the place in which you live and council, should bring up your local town, district or borough councils. Most will have a website with a contact form or email address for enquiries.

In this instance you can double up on the requests for a motion against hate, flag or flags on Europe Day and enquire about twinning associations – even try to set up a new one. If you’re an EU citizen your embassy may be able to help find a suitable twin town.

St Oswald’s, Paddlesworth copyright 2017 Théroigne S B G Russell




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