Complaining about BBC

Submit a complaint via the complaint form on page here

Call BBC on 03700 100 222 or textphone 03700  100 212 24 hrs

BBC Complaints
PO Box 1922

If you see the expression ‘Remainiac’ or ‘Remaniac’ used on a BBC website, please complain about the post, as these expressions contravene BBC social moderation guidelines and have been removed.

BBC Social Moderation

The BBC says, that it cannot control the language used by guests on programmes. That doesn’t mean that they would do nothing, if enough Remainers were outraged and complained.

If viewers or listeners see or hear a presenter using the expressions ‘Remainiac’ and ‘Remoaner’, please complain with show, presenter, date and time. The BBC will then investigate.

Family photo. RHS Wisley 1981. Copyright 2017 Théroigne S B G Russell