Create a local council in England

The National Association of Local Councils NALC represents 10,000 local councils and 80,000 local councillors.

Local councils (parish, town, neighbourhood, village, community and city councils) are the first tier of government in England.

Only a third of the population in England is represented by a grassroots level local council, representing the community and delivering some services.

The link HERE gives case studies covering the creation of town councils in Bingley, Canvey Island, Shrewsbury  and St Austell, as well as a city council for Salisbury.

Remainers are fighting Brexit, but we must also start thinking about the future and a fairer less toxic political atmosphere.

Creating local councils gives people of all ages, but particularly young people, the opportunity to cut their political teeth.

Councillors can be British, Commonwealth or European Union citizens, at least 18 years old.

This means that creating a council locally is an opportunity to reach out to diverse communities, to form an inclusive council.


NALC has templates, resources, publications and 15 years’ experience of helping to set up local councils.

Remainers have come together from various political viewpoints to stand up as citizens of the European Union. Regardless of Brexit result, politics needs changing. Remainers have the chance to start making those changes the right way, from bottom up, not top down.

If any of this appeals, get together with your local Remainers.

If you have your full compliment of councils, look at the Be A Councillor links and start working on putting up pro-Remain councillors either with Liberal Democrats or as Independents. The important thing, however, is not to split the vote. That might not matter so much on a parish council, but it could well matter on a town or city council.

If you don’t have the local council tier, like two-thirds of the population of England, then once you’ve made the decision to do it, call NALC on 020 7637 1865 Monday- Friday 0900-1700


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