Europe Day 9th May 2017

Five days after the local elections it will be Europe Day. A day to celebrate being European and an EU citizen.

Many local councils will be flying the EU flag.  If yours is, please take a photo and tweet it to @EUflagmafia

Remainers could take the day off and celebrate with friends and family. It might be warm enough for a barbecue or picnic or you could have lunch/dinner in a proper European restaurant or café.

Whatever you do, be it wearing blue and yellow, eating pizza or drinking French wine, don’t forget that you can tweet a photo with the hashtag #EuropeDay

Europe Day is also a chance to reflect on our shared history and intermingled roots. You could go visit a Norman castle or church, for example.

RemainerAction will be laying flowers on the graves of famous Europeans in Kent.

Famous graves can be found using Find A Grave Wikipedia can be useful, too.

Simon de Montfort, the French-born 6th Earl of Leicester and brother-in-law of King Henry III, was responsible for bringing the first parliament to England. He was buried at Evesham Abbey, in Worcestershire, which was later destroyed in Henry VIII’s dissolution of monasteries. In 1965, the Speaker of the House of Commons and the Archbishop of Canterbury, laid a memorial stone to Simon de Montfort, on the site of the altar. The memorial uses stone from de Montfort’s birthplace, Montfort-l’Amaury.

Saint Joan of Arc was sentenced to death during the English occupation of France, by Henry Beaufort, Bishop of Winchester. He was buried in Winchester Cathedral. In 1923, three years after her canonisation, the Dean of Winchester dedicated a statue to St Joan, which looks directly at the man responsible for burning her at the stake.

There are stories like this all over Britain.

If you have European ancestry and your relatives are buried in the UK, why not visit their graves and lay flowers ? If they don’t have graves or they aren’t within easy travelling distance, you could light a candle for them in a local church, perhaps. (Not all churches do this)

There is nothing illegal about laying flowers, or lighting a candle in an unlocked cemetery.

Please don’t light candles in an unlocked church unless there is a facility to do this, as an unattended candle is a fire hazard.

Europe Day is your chance to remind the people around you that we are European and have been for centuries, in your own way.  #ProudEuropean #EuropeDay #EUcitizen



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