EuroPride is a pan-European Pride festival for LGBT people in Europe. Each year member Pride organisations vote to decide on the host city, at the EPOA (European Pride Organisers Association) conference. EPOA is based in Brussels. More info HERE

The first EuroPride was held in London in 1992 and 100,000 people took part. In 2011, it’s estimated that one million people took part in Rome. In some years smaller EuroPride festivities take place to encourage the growth of LGBT rights in smaller countries.

If a European country is chosen for WorldPride it is designated as the EuroPride event that year also. In 2017 therefore Madrid will host the combined WorldPride-EuroPride event.

23 June – 02 July 2017

You can follow the EPOA on Twitter @EuroPrideInfo

To find out more about WorldPrideMadrid HERE  HERE and Twitter @WorldPride2017



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