Remainers: Getting About, Spreading The Word

Not every area in the UK will have local groups, protests and marches. If you aren’t in a large city, you can feel isolated from other people protesting against Brexit, no matter how many emails you send and petitions you sign.

Not everyone has Facebook and even if you belong to Facebook groups, the actual group might be miles away.

The purpose behind posting lectures and courses on the blog, is to get Remainers out there, getting other Remainers involved.

The likelihood is that if you’re in a pro-European environment, many of the people you meet will be Remainers too. You can show your support for Remain, not by giving yourself a blue and yellow face in an art history course, but by wearing a badge  or button or carrying an EU flag umbrella when it rains.

If the conversation during break comes round to Brexit, declare yourself a Remainer and if the reaction is favourable, explain to them the things that you’ve been doing to protest against Brexit.

If other people seem interested, share ideas with them about other things which could be done if there was only a group of people locally to help out. You may find that a like-minded Remainer belongs to New Europeans or the European Movement and can help get a group organised.

Remainers need to seek out other Remainers and Bregreters of all ages and get them enthused.

In the meantime, the lectures (many of which are free) or courses will get you learning more about Brexit, the reasons for Brexit, European politics, history, art, music or food.

Remainers are the Bresistance !