RemainerAction is going live !

Family photo. Vulcan bomber 1991 Copyright 2017 Théroigne S B G Russell

The gazebo ordered from Tesco Direct at the weekend  HERE  has arrived ! It will be used to take RemainerAction out on the road to events during Summer 2017.

Just managed to sneak in on the last day of the 1/3rd off special offer in February and picked up THIS blue folding picnic table with built-in stools for £20, from Tesco Direct.

That’s a 3m x 3m navy blue pop-up gazebo and a picnic table with stools, for £94.98 which is terrific !

It is hoped that RemainerAction can hook up with pro-Remain groups in Kent and E Sussex to spread the word, get petitions signed and sell some merchandise to raise money for pitches at events and for European organisations and charities working in the UK and vice versa.




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