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RemainerAction has contacted the Press and Public Affairs Manager at the Electoral Commission, who has been helpful before.

The questions asked were:

Does the Electoral Commission have the power to launch an investigation into the Leave campaign on the basis of:
(a) undeclared services in kind by Cambridge Analytics ?
(b) the involvement of foreign-owned companies and/or foreign citizens in a British referendum ?
(c) subjective subliminal manipulation of voters using data-mined Facebook posts ?

If the Electoral Commission doesn’t have the power to investigate all/some of those things, can it order or pressure the Government to open an inquiry ?

Are there any circumstances in which the Electoral Commission could call the European Union Referendum result void because of the results of an investigation or inquiry ?

Could politicians involved in the Leave campaign be prosecuted and banned from holding political office for some years ?

Reply awaited

As Cambridge Analytics is a private limited company, it is not possible, to use an FOI request to ask for information.

However, you can of course email Cambridge Analytics:

Or write:

Cambridge Analytica
55 New Oxford Street

Link to the Guardian piece by Carole Cadwalladr HERE

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