Twinning Associations

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Family photo. Dieppe 1997. Copyright 2017 Théroigne S B G Russell

Twinning Associations are under attack. Councils want to save money and many UKIP councillors don’t want ties with European countries. Some twinning associations rely on older people and the membership is therefore gradually dwindling.

Remainers can help. You can find your local twinning association and join. Suggest crowdfunding to raise money for events. Suggest putting the association on Facebook and starting a blog if the twinning association doesn’t have a website. A photo gallery of past events on Pinterest.  Instagram for future events.

You may meet some resistance.  One way of overcoming it, might be to suggest a youth section for people under 30. Another way might be to help the Secretary and other Committee members develop their own social media, blogging and website skills so that they still have overall control.

If your city, town or village has a twinning association in the heart of the community then you can help save it, strengthen it and be a bridge to our European neighbours to reinforce that many British people are European as well as British and value that.

The UK Town Twinning Portal is inactive at present. Wikipedia list of twin towns in UK

Many links may be inactive, sometimes because 2017 events haven’t been finalised. If you have trouble finding details online for a twinning association, please contact your local council. Any department dealing with Communities should hopefully have details.

EACEA gave grants to towns in EU member states wishing to twin with another town, under the Europe for Citizens programme. The UK Government didn’t sign up to the Citizens for Europe programme in 2007 or since. Therefore communities have been deprived of grassroots funding which they would be eligible for. Between 2007 – 2013 towns could have received a EUR 150 000 maximum. EACEA Europe for Citizens Action 1 Measure 1 2007 – 2013

If your town or village doesn’t have any twin towns in EU member states and you have enough people to make a viable group you could contact local council. You may be able to apply for some funding. Some counties have advisers who help set up charities and community interest groups. Contacting non-Torykip MEPs may also be useful.

Twinning Association links can be found in regions, as found