Saving money on food the Remainer way

Christmas lunch 2009
Copyright 2009 Théroigne S B G Russell
  1. Grab preferred gadget or pen and paper.
  2. Make a list of your regular journeys – if you spend more on fuel or fares then you aren’t saving money ! Might be journey to work, school run, Saturday morning football, nail salon, mother or mother-in-law, Brownies  – anything you/family do regularly. Even if only once a month.
  3. Note down the supermarkets and chain convenience stores on that route or very close to it.
  4. Consult supermarket websites and to get special offer prices and cheaper regular prices on items you buy usually. NO  downgrading to value ranges necessary.
  5. Consult convenience store websites for their offers.
  6. Make a spreadsheet or list showing item, RRP, offer price, date offer finishes and store. Your guests won’t know that you saved £11 on the Taittinger at Morrisons (for example) unless YOU tell them.
  7. In some instances you will be able to find an alternate store in case Offer #1 sold out. It might not save as much, but any saving on RRP is a win, as long as you’re not travelling out of your way to get it. 1 or 2km or 1 mile should be fine.
  8. You may find that you can only get to Store A once in a month, but you can get to store B daily.

Online shopping

  1. If you buy a delivery pass, work out how many shops you need to do in a year to make it cost neutral and break it down to month.
  2. If heavy/awkward things eg laundry powder, water in bulk are same price or cheaper use online delivery
  3. Prioritise offers first. Even on Ocado it’s possible to save £15-£20 on RRP on offers.
  4. One way to do it is to use app eg Ocado and do an order then hit supermarket. If it’s in front of you for same price or less, pick up instore and delete that item. Particularly relevant to fresh produce.

Bulk buying

  1. Online shopping generally has limits eg 20 of each item (Ocado). But if you’re in a downmarket supermarket saving £11 per bottle on champagne, they’re unlikely to quibble about it, if they know they wouldn’t sell many otherwise.
  2. Costco and Bookers aren’t necessarily cheaper than supermarkets. If you’re after an item which you can’t easily find in supermarkets, which is stocked by them, talk to a local shop. You may be able to do a deal for a bulk buy, paying up front, which makes the shop some money and also saves you some.

It isn’t necessary to downgrade to value items to save money on your food and alcohol. Buying your Burgen soya and linseed bread in ASDA or Iceland instead of  Sainsbury’s currently (13.03.17) will save you 50p per loaf and it will freeze. Buying Taittinger in ASDA, Morrisons or Sainsbury’s currently (13.03.17) will save £7.00.