After the anti-Brexit Unite for Europe march, what can I do next to protest Brexit ?

Family photo. Ferry. Copyright 2017 Théroigne S B G Russell

If the #UniteforEurope march marked your first foray into anti- Brexit protest, you started off with a bang ! So what next ?

First thing to do is get any photos or videos out on your social media accounts, using #UniteforEurope where possible. Also #EU60, to mark the European Union’s 60th anniversary the same day. Make positive comments about the day, to attract people to read any pro -Eu comments you want to make, too.  If your friends went along, like their photos, have a chat.

Make sure you send the photos in emails to your MP. To find him or her, all you need is your postcode Find an MP..any MP It shouldn’t matter whether photos are embedded in the email or sent as an attachment or zip file.  DO remember to put first and last names plus address at the top plus full postal address and postcode, to prove that you are a constituent. You don’t need to be 18 and you don’t need to be British. You must live in the MPs constituency area. To track your MP join up to They Work For You

You can also send photos in an email to your MEPs. Find a British MEP  Again, please add your name and postal address at the top of the email. If you are an EU citizen, working in the UK temporarily, you could also send an email to the MEP for your usual address and let him or her know that you celebrated the EU’s 60th anniversary at the Unite for Europe march. Find any MEP

Next, you can make your views known to Number 10 Downing Street and the Prime Minister via their Contact form NB when the server is disconnected or busy, the s drops out of the https part. Just leave for a few hours and go back later. Eventually the URL will work properly.

If you didn’t see BBC cameras on the march and have seen more coverage on other channels, you can  Complain to BBC

** Local groups holding vigils on Wednesday 29th March 2017 Article 50 Notification Day
Protest Vigils Wednesday 29 March 2017 more will be added as found **.

Use the Search facilities on RemainerAction, Twitter, Facebook and Google to find local groups to join. Try your nearest town, city or county with ‘for Europe’ or ‘stays’.  More groups are forming all the time.

If you join New Europeans you can get help to set up a branch. Britain for Europe groups listed and they will help too.

Another project, for ALL EU citizens, is an EU passport. This is an official ECI and you can get all the information ( a lot to read) European Citizen’s Initiative Please sign (once) before January 2018.

Petitions can be found here Avaaz 38 Degrees Change Parliament EU Petitions

You can join the ALDE (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe) Party as an individual member HERE and the Liberal Democrats HERE

To make sure the UKIP and Tory councillors get booted out from local councils, you need to make sure you’re registered if you will be 18 on 4th May 2017. Also, if you want a postal vote, please do so quickly as these will be sent out on 18th April. If you are an EU citizen you CAN vote, make sure you’re registered ASAP, especially if you want a postal vote. The council you need to contact, is the one you pay council tax to. About My Vote is useful.**

RemainerAction will put up details of any events found on website, Twitter and Facebook.