Brexit: What’s Next for Britain and the EU ? London

The Spectator is arranging this debate in June, in London.

Wednesday 07 June 2017  1900 – 2015 BST

Emmanuel Centre
9 – 23 Marsham Street


Andrew Neil
Editor, The Sunday Times. Presenter ‘Sunday Politics’ (BBC) and ‘This Week’ (BBC). Chairman, Press Holdings Group.


The Hon. Radek Sikorski
Senior Fellow, Harvard University. Former Polish Foreign Minister.

Daniel Hannan MEP (Conservative)

Vicky Ford MEP
Chair, Internal Market and Consumer Affairs Committee, European Parliament

Thomas Kielinger
London Correspondent, Die Welt

Tickets £24.42 – £29.62 Eventbrite

Wall closeup, Lewes Castle, Lewes, East Sussex. Built 1069.
Copyright 2017 Théroigne S B G Russell

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