European Citizenship: European Citizens’ Initiatives

Another ECI, ‘Retaining EU Citizenship’ was added to the European Citizens’ Initiative Official Register on 02 May 2017.

The basic rules about eligibility to sign still apply.

In order to sign up to the initiative, you MUST be of voting age in your EU member state.

UK requirements are to be British and a UK resident. If you are a non-British EU citizen resident in the UK, the requirement is that you follow the instructions from the country of which you are a national.

There are notes at the beginning of the PDF which covers people living in other EU countries or with multiple nationalities. Some EU countries will allow their citizens living outside the EU, to sign up to ECIs but Britain doesn’t.

How to sign up to an ECI – European Commission
The requirements for each country are shown in a PDF, at the bottom of the paragraph on data requirements, right above ! More information

If you are a UK national living in the EU, then it doesn’t matter whether you have lived in the EU for five years or nineteen, you can sign, but have to abide by the rules of the EU member state you are living in.

If you will be voting age (18 in most EU member states) before 02 May 2018, please sign on your birthday !

The minimum number of signatures needed from UK is 54 750 and a total of 1 million signatures are required, with participation from another 6 EU member states. To get 1 million signatures from an EU population of 550 million shouldn’t be too difficult.

ECI Signatories – European Commission

Please ask your pro-Remain MEPs to support the ECI ‘Retaining European Citizenship’ Commission Registration number ECI(2017)000005 – you can use all you need to know is your home postcode.  Some MEPs are doing this already.

You can also ask your MEP to support the previous ECIs ‘European Movement Initiative’, Commission Registration number ECI(2017)000001 and ‘EU Citizenship for Europeans: United in Diversity in Spite of jus soli and jus sanguinis’ ECI(2017)000003

It’s important to get as many signatures as possible, to show the European Union that Remainers want to remain EU citizens !

ECI ‘European Movement Initiative’ ECI(2017)000001 ended 11 January 2018.

ECI(2017)000003 ‘EU Citizenship: United in Diversity in spite of jus soli and jus sanguinis’ ends 27 March 2018 and you can sign once  here EU Citizenship: United in Diversity The website for background info is Flock Brexit

This new ECI ‘Retaining European Citizenship ECI(2017)000005 ends 02 May 2018. Please sign up once. ECI Retaining Citizenship 000005

You can sign up to both initiatives once

Please get signing if you want to keep EU citizenship ! We have to counteract the Tory rhetoric and show the European Union some love !

ECIT Foundation Claim EU citizenship appeal
ECIT petition to European Parliament on EU Citizenship
Feasibility of Associate EU Citizenship PDF, University of Swansea
The Good Law Project – EU citizenship petition
Catherine Bearder MEP – Save Our EU Citizenship petition











  1. Unfortunately I have only just seen this and it’s too late! Do I wish to be a member of the Euro family? Anyone with a small brain or even the smallest one would wish to remain. Nuff sed.
    See I can’t even spell in English and I wish to stay as part of this Great union.


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