STUDENTS: How to use your vote

Students are a special case as voters. You can have TWO votes in local elections, ie one for home address and one for university term-time address.  EU citizens can do this too. You can apply for a postal vote if you want, for one of the addresses.

For general elections, you only get ONE vote and there’s a £5000 fine for voting twice.  You can choose which constituency to vote in and get a postal vote if necessary.

Only EU citizens from Cyprus, Malta and Republic of Ireland can vote in general elections.  Qualifying Commonwealth Citizens can vote.


1. Voter Eligibility
2. Register to Vote online registration (also changes of address or extra address)
3. Postal vote application you may need this – also if travelling or revising or taking exams etc etc (you DON’T need to give a reason)

If you’re on the electoral roll it’s good in terms of credit and ID, but if you don’t want any junk mail don’t choose the open register.

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