Liberal Democrat GE2017 crowdfunds

RemainerAction is not affiliated to any group, political or otherwise. It will work with any pro-EU groups or individuals when feasible. Liberal Democrats in England are a pro-EU party.

BURY  – Bury Liberal Democrats GE2017 crowdfund
WYCOMBE – Wycombe Liberal Democrats 2017 Campaign Fund
HENDON – Alasdair Hill for Hendon Lib Dems No Hard Brexit Fund
SUTTON COLDFIELD – Jenny Wilkinson Sutton Coldfield LibDem Election Fund
WIRRAL SOUTH –Wirral South Lib Dems Election Fighting Fund
ISLE OF WIGHT – Nick Belfitt Lib Dem MP for IOW leaflet campaign
IPSWICH – Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett LibDem Ipswich election campaign
CHIPPING BARNET – Marisha Ray Chipping Barnet Lib Dem No Hard Brexit Fund
WORCESTER – Stephen Kearney for LibDems Worcester
TAUNTON DEANE – Gideon Amos OBE for Taunton Deane Lib Dem
MAIDENHEAD/No10 Vigil Lib Dem Stop Brexit fund

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