Tim Farron’s tribute to Manchester

This is what we need now, not Theresa May posing all presidential-like and trying to hide the failures and mistakes that she made as the longest-serving Home Secretary since 1892.  Her watch, her cuts, her fault. Tim Farron is a real person, displaying real emotion. He’s passionate about this country and making it better.

Nothing that any one of us says will bring back the dead, but we can remember them in our hearts.

Salman Abedi was  a coward, ending his life, to avoid facing the survivors and his victims’ families, depriving them of justice.

We can vow never to utter the name of the heinous monstrous murderer, who filled an improvised device with nuts and bolts, targeting children and young people with their lives ahead of them. We will never forgive him.

We are all Manchester.