Florin Morariu : Update

Copyright 2011 Théroigne S B G Russell

Received today by RemainerAction founder (nominator)

” Thank you for your e-mail of 5 June nominating Florin Morariu for his actions during the London Bridge attack on 3 June 2017. We spoke earlier today.

All nominations are studied in detail, taking in to account all the evidence presented. There are no hard and fast rules; each case is different and is looked at on its own terms by people who have experience in the field. In assessing bravery cases a number of factors are taken into consideration – risk of death; whether the individual knew of the danger before taking action; and whether the individual showed persistence in continuing to go forward in the face of danger.

I will make sure that your nomination is carefully considered but let me emphasise that at this stage in the process I cannot confirm whether it will be successful.

Yours sincerely “

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