Addressing the imbalance Part I

One positive thing that the General Election has done, is that the door is now ajar and Remainers can start kicking. NO pro-Brexit party won a majority. In fact, since Britain joined the EEC in 1973, NO pro-Brexit party has ever won a majority in a General Election.

If you belong to Twitter or Facebook, please don’t waste time arguing with Leaver trolls. They won’t change their minds and they may not even be British, or indeed human.

Labour trolls exhorted people to vote Labour to get the Tories out. Had Labour won, we would merely have swapped a Right Wing Brexit for a Left Wing one. Some Labour supporters seem to have missed the part in the Labour manifesto, in which Labour pledged to end Freedom of Movement. You can show them by bookmarking the link  HERE

If you oppose Brexit but were or are a Labour party member or regular voter, you have two choices:
1. Quit Labour, vote for a pro-EU party and join it if you wish. Make sure that you tell the Labour party why you have quit and/or won’t vote for them anymore Labour Party – Contact Us
2. Remain in Labour party, but tell them they need to change their policy on Brexit, using contact form as before AND, importantly, join Labour Against Brexit and get really vociferous and actively campaign !

If you merely lent Labour your vote to try to remove a pro-Brexit MP, it is vitally important, that you contact Labour party as above, and tell them so. If thousands of people do this, the Labour Party will realise that they cannot take Remainer votes for granted.

If you have a Labour MP whom you voted for, to oust a toxic Tory, please also tell him or her why you voted Labour, (as well as the Labour Party) state that you’re a Remainer and explain your situation re: Brexit.

In fact, if the General Election has given you a new MP, here’s your opportunity to introduce yourself, explain that you’re a Remainer (and why) and tell him or her about your situation re: Brexit.

Please Email 10 Downing Street and tell Theresa May what you think of the DUP coalition. You can also DUP – Contact Us to make your views known about this Coalition of Convenience and you can Conservatives – Contact Us at Tory HQ too.

If you voted Remain and are/were a Conservative, please tell them why you left, if you have and why you won’t be voting for them. Please join Conservative Group for Europe and campaign !

The EU subsidises press visits to the European Parliament, giving help with travel and accommodation costs. Please contact local papers and ask them to fact find for themselves. Press Visits to the European Parliament

If you are a member of a pro-Remain group you could get together as many back copies of ‘The New European’ as you can and donate them to a local library or college, sixth form or uni library. If the library has pro-Brexit papers, it should also have pro-EU papers ! Maybe your group could raise money for a subscription to The New European for a year or two ?

You can sign the ALDE (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe) Party petition asking the UK Government to rethink a hard Brexit ALDE Party Petition – Rethink Hard Brexit

If you’re the brave sort, instead of arguing with trolls on social media, defend the Remain position on tabloid websites. Bite size facts, backed up with links. Please don’t stoop to their level and sling insults. If they cross lines you can flag and report them, sometimes without needing to join up. IPSO will adjudicate on below the line reader comments. You can report them on the website IPSO

Reporting on Twitter
Complaining about BBC

The important thing is to just keep kicking at the door and saying NO we will not be silenced, Brexit is not the preferred option now according to polls.

Copyright 2015 Théroigne S B G Russell