Protesting Brexit on a budget

If you can’t afford a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, and using one belonging to family or friends isn’t always feasible, try your local library. Many do now have computers and will still let you print a page for 10p. This will enable you to print off A4 sized posters from The New European The New European – Downloads to stick up in your windows or stick to cardboard or hardboard for placards.

If it won’t cost you anything to get there, then marches and vigils. Perhaps you could get a ride with friends or family members.

As long as you can get access to the web, you can Sign petitions or set up your own on the European Parliament Petitions Portal and you can also email your MP and MEPs

Find an MP..any MP  
Find a British MEP and will tell you how much effort they put in.
Find any MEP within the EU can get you emails for prominent MEPs such as Guy Verhofstadt

If you follow a local group on Twitter or Facebook you can message and ask if they are affiliated to a bigger organisation and whether you need to pay membership. You can join New Europeans for £1.00 or European Movement UK for £5.00

It costs nothing to sign European Citizens Initiatives (ECIs) European Citizenship: European Citizens’ Initiatives

If you want to donate to crowdfunds but are wary in case you lose your money for nothing if pledges in a stretch target follow-on don’t meet it, be an early pledger. Your money won’t be taken unless the target is reached. If you donate to a stretch target, the money is taken within 24-48 hrs and there’s no guarantee that the target will be reached. If you pledge early, you can tweet and share on Facebook to get more people pledging.

Copyright 2015 Théroigne S B G Russell




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