Supporting the Remain Cause !

Remainers are seeing the opinion polls returning to the pre-referendum Remain status quo and the question becomes, how do we mobilise that support as individuals ? What can we do to help ?

At this stage, one of the really important things which anyone can do, is to make the Remain option normal. To get out from behind the keyboard and incorporate Remain into their everyday normal life.

Now that it’s tabloid in size, (but not in nature), reading ‘The New European’ can be done on train, Tube, tram or bus. You can either buy it locally Store Locator or subscribe. As at 15/07/17 you can take advantage of a special offer and get 13 issues for £13.00 and a free branded Parker pen. Just order online Subsave or call 01858 438840 quoting ETNETAB1

Making Remain more visible can mean wearing EU flag pin, cufflinks or tie, using an EU flag umbrella or wearing a pro-Remain tshirt. You’ll find these plus wristbands, bags, numberplate stickers, bunting, cushions and wrapping paper from websites such as Amazon  CaféPress eBay Etsy Teespring and Zazzle You can be as loud or discreet as you want.

The important thing, is showing your support for Remain. An EU star circle is much more readily understood than a safety pin too, for European Union citizens, be they UK residents or tourists.

At home, you might consider a flagpole Buy a Flagpole ! and flying the EU flag yourself. If you’re off to an event, you could wave handheld EU flags.

Please photograph any EU flags you see and put them on social media and tweet to @EUflagmedia.

Search online and you will find plenty of free ringtones of ‘Ode to Joy’, the EU anthem.

Joining a pro-Remain group is a good idea, but there may not be any locally or it might not be feasible for you to join. You can still join a pro-European group such as:

European Movement UK
Young European Movement UK
The 3 Million
New Europeans

Ardent Leavers are unlikely to be learning European languages or studying European history at any level. They probably won’t be learning European folk dances or buying Eastern European food, watching European films with subtitles or reading European novels, even in English. Seek out everything European locally and most likely, you will find Remainers.

When looking for projects to support by crowdfunding, now is the time to support the visible ones eg The People’s March and No 10 Vigil.

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