Britain Versus Europe, Writtle, Essex

Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) presents a ten week part-time course entitled ‘Britain Versus Europe’.

Wednesday 10 January 2018 – 28 March 2018 1930 -2100 BST/GMT 10 weeks

Writtle Village Hall
The Green

Course Code: C2224473
Course Fee: £54.00
Course Tutor: Edward De Maunsell

This course will cover the historical developments between Britain and Europe, the 20th century and political developments in the 1950s.  It will then cover the period between the 1970s and 1986, then the impact of Margaret Thatcher and the European Union, followed by the impacts of John Major, New Labour and David Cameron. The penultimate week tackles Brexit and the last week attempts to look into th future. \\

The course will include a variety of teaching and learning techniques, including question and answer, quizzes, projects and discussions.

For a full course outline and to enrol, please use the WEA website – Britain versus Europe

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