Kent’s Ghost Ferry Terminal, Ramsgate

Port of Ramsgate Ferry Terminal Copyright 2017 Théroigne S B G Russell

Sitting across the English Channel from Oostende and Dunkerque, is the ferry port of Ramsgate. Port of Ramsgate has:

  • 132,000 square metres of port land
  • 32 car lanes totalling 6,500 square metres
  • Departure lounge with 480 square metres of retail space and fully equipped caféteria
  • Frontier and Customs facilities
  • Passenger baggage and security facility
  • 3 weighbridges
  • Terminal buildings with offices
  • Dedicated warehousing facilities for transhipment and storage
  • Customs clearance available 24/7
  • Tugs, trailers, maafis, reach trucks and forklifts up to 10 tonnes
  • Dedicated port access road leading to A2 dual carriageway and M2

Port Ramsgate can handle vessels up to 180m length with 6.5m draft, using 1 double deck RoRo (roll on roll off) berth and 2 single deck 23m wide ballastable pontoon berths, both with double lane link bridges, one with hydraulically retractable quarter deck ramp.

Trans Europa ferries collapsed in 2013, following Sally Line, which also foundered in 1997. The Port of Ramsgate is owned by the UKIP-led Thanet District Council, which also owns Kent International Airport aka Manston Airport. Both transport facilities are pretty much mothballed.

Port of Ramsgate’s separate harbour marina, is used by Vattenfall to service the Thanet Offshore wind farm. Groups can book with Seasearcher to visit the wind farm, from Ramsgate.

Kent County Council hoped that the ferry terminal could be revived back in 2015, but it hasn’t been a commercial success. Port of Ramsgate ferries could return (2015) However IF Brexit happens and IF there’s a trade deal between EU & UK then it might have a chance as a freight only operation.

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