The Gunpowder Plot: Why Do We Remember the 5th of November ? Tunbridge Wells

Kent Adult Education is putting on this one session course.

Saturday 04 November 2017 1000 – 1300 GMT/UTC

Tunbridge Wells Adult Education Centre
Monson Road
Tunbridge Wells

Course Code: TWL/56356/F/LC
Cost: £30.00 per person
Tutor: Naomi L Dickens

The course will teach you about the main conspirators of The Gunpowder Plot and place it in the wider context of the time, looking at motives. The course will also discuss reasons for the plot’s failure and debate whether it left a legacy.

Why is Guy Fawkes the only plotter worthy of 400 years of notoriety ?

The Gunpowder Plot – Kent Adult Education – Enrolment

Copyright 2015 Théroigne S B G Russell

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