European Movement Hampshire Branch Action Day, Winchester

European Movement UK’s Hampshire Branch is holding an Action Day

Saturday 05 August 2017 1000 -1300 BST

Butter Cross
top part of High Street
SO23 9AH

This is your opportunity to talk to the Hampshire branch and learn what their plans are for the future. To RSVP publicly or privately European Movement Hampshire RSVP

Copyright 2015 Théroigne S B G Russell


One comment

  1. Pro-EU / #AntiBrexit friends, let’s make ourselves visible !

    The very successful Marches for Europe confirm that we still have volume support: but we need to show it, all the time, in our millions.

    Well, we have a FLAG, and the Leavers don’t ! If UK politicians saw a bright EU flag lapel badge worn “everywhere”, it would be very effective ! Imagine that last year at the Party Conferences or the Opening of Parliament !

    To all firm Remain supporters: start wearing a lapel badge in the form of the EU flag – in the street, at work if you can, everywhere. If you are in an area where you fear abuse or intimidation from Leave supporters, then protect yourself by wearing another sort of badge that confirms your patriotism: crossed Union Jack & EU flags, or a “devolved nation” flag crossed with the EU flag.

    You can get good enamel pin badges on-line for £3 or less each – try Greens of Gloucester (or Amazon if you must); and small but nice lapel badges [with crossed Union Jack & EU flag] FREE in small quantities from the four EU Commission offices in UK: Europe House, 32 Smith Square, London SW1P 3EU, Tel: 020 7973 1992, e-mail: + offices in Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast.


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