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Remainers lost the European Union referendum by 1.3 million votes. It has to be said (written) that Remainers were complacent, thinking that we were bound to win. There wasn’t enough positivity about the European Union and we let the Brextremists scaremonger their way to victory on immigration.

The European Union Referendum was consultative (advisory) and non-binding. The slogans on buses and statements in pamphlets and manifestos weren’t legally binding either. The crowdfund to support a private prosecution against the Leave campaign by Restoring Integrity to our Democracy failed to meet target by the deadline unfortunately.

There is another private prosecution being put together, by Marcus J Ball of Brexit Justice Brexit Justice Updates

The Government chose to ignore the advisory nature of the referendum and told Parliament (sovereign) that the referendum result was The Will of the People and the Decision.

The Government tried to use the Royal Prerogative, an archaic Henry VIII leftover, to trigger Article 50 unlawfully by letter but Mayhem was stopped by the efforts of people like Gina Miller, Deir Dos Santos, Grahame Pigney and Chris Formaggia – and all those who crowdfunded The People’s Challenge.

The Supreme Court cannot interfere in purely political decisions but it is able to clarify on points of constitutional law, which it did. Mayhem ignored the judicial advice and maintained that the referendum was the Decision. denying Parliament its’ right to make the decision to Leave or Remain.

Parliament was bullied and told that it would have to vote on the Withdrawal from the European Union (Notification) Act before seeing the White Paper giving the detail. This is not usual practice. Nor is the presence of Privy Council ministers in the House of Lords, staring the peers down.

Article 50 was triggered illegally, because sovereign Parliament made no decision to Leave. MPs in both Government and Opposition were three-line whipped into voting for the bill, which was rushed through Parliament with indecent haste.

The European Commission is aware of the situation but cannot interfere in a member state’s constitutional matters in this and just has to accept that Article 50 has been triggered.

If the case is strong enough, then maybe a crowdfund can be launched for a judicial review. But that’s a maybe, not a definite.

Looking back at the Conservative Party conference last year, and remembering both Mayhem’s ‘Citizens of Nowhere’ and Amber Rudd’s hate incident speech which James O’Brien proved was uncannily like Chapter Two of Adolf Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ …

Lesson #1: DON’T ever expect this Government to play fair or act within the law

The Tories do have some Remainers within the party. MPs generally won’t respond to Remainers with anything but the party line, but do tell your Tory MP how you feel about Brexit. Real people telling their stories and disputing the Government propaganda can have an effect, even if it’s only educating your MP !  You can do this for free via even if you aren’t British or 18 but you must live in his/her constituency.

There is a Conservative Group for Europe, but it isn’t anti-Brexit. It wants the UK to remain in the Single Market and have a close relationship with the EU.  Being out of the EU in any form is obviously Brexit, not Remain so RemainerAction doesn”t support it.

If you feel that you’re a Remainer but not really quite centrist enough for Liberal Democrats and certainly not left wing enough for Labour, you do have two options.

One is to get involved in the 4Freedoms Party the British affiliate of the European People’s Party (EPP). The other is to become an online or local ambassador for the EPP’s Dear Citizen campaign – or you could do both. EPP is the biggest bloc of parties in Europe, with a Centre-Right stance and includes the parties to which Angela Merkel, Donald Tusk, Jean-Claude Juncker and Antonio Tajani belong.

#StopBrexit protest in Manchester on 01 October 2017 for the Tory conference !

You can use the Contact Us page to tell the Conservative Party what you think of their Brexit ‘plan’ or write to them:

Conservative Campaign Headquarters
4 Matthew Parker Street

It’s not advisable to send cut up cards in the post because of sharp edges. You could put a photo on social media and tag the Tories into it.

Lesson #2: DON’T ever expect Jeremy Corbyn to be pro-EU.

Jeremy Corbyn has never once voted in favour of the European Union. He refused to campaign alongside David Cameron for Remain, though Remain was the official Labour Party position and he went on holiday during the campaign. The day after the result, Corbyn called for Article 50 to be triggered. He three-line whipped MPs to vote for the Withdrawal from the European Union (Notification) Bill.

If you lent Labour your vote in the General Election, please use the contact form to tell Labour why you did it and what you want. If you won’t vote Labour again unless the party supports Remain, tell them that. Please do this as soon as possible, before the Labour Party conference so that they have an up to date figure with reasons before conference.

Labour – Contact Us or write

The Labour Party
Labour Central
Kings Manor
Newcastle upon Tyne

If you have a Labour MP please email him or her also. You only need to know your postcode to do this via free of charge and you don’t need to be British or even 18.  Alternatively you can write to him/her:

<Name> <Surname> MP
House of Commons

If you are a Labour Party member you can apply to attend the conference.
Labour Party Conference Application

Corbyn and those around him must be shown the truth, that the majority of Labour party members and voters are Remainers. The pressure needs to be piled on and kept up.

There are two groups specifically for Labour Remainers.
Labour for Europe
Labour Against Brexit
Labour Against Brexit Twitter
Labour Against Brexit Facebook page

If you can influence the Labour Party to Remain, please do it, whether that’s by proposing motions locally or nationally, canvassing party officials, MPs and MEPs or by signing petitions to them eg Petition to Jeremy Corbyn

#StopBrexit protest on 24 September 2017 Brighton city centre and beach 1300 – 1700 BST

If you have signed the petition, emailed or written to your Labour MP and are still cheesed with Corbyn, you might feel, like many others, that you want to protest to the Labour party by leaving. You could photograph your chopped up card and post to social media on the first day of the Labour party conference.

*If chopping up a party membership card please make sure that you inform them and/or bank so that any Direct Debit is cancelled*

The Liberal Democrats were Remain, then Tim Farron resigned (possibly pushed) and Sir Vince Cable became party leader. He has written things since the referendum, which seemed soft Brexit rather than Remain. Some people left the party for this reason. Since then, he has been much more Remain – lesson learned. If you’re a Liberal Democrat member, feeling unsure, perhaps best to wait until the conference before making a decision. Likewise, if you’re thinking of joining.

There is an alternative. ALDE (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe) is a group of parties within the European Parliament to which the Liberal Democrats are affiliated. ALDE is also a party in its own right, with individual members. In May 2017 it became the first recognised European political party ALDE Press Release Membership

Lesson #3: DON’T be complacent !

Political Things To Do List

Email or write to MP
<Name> <Surname> MP
House of Commons

Email or writePM
*NB if the volume of emails goes up/there’s a contentious issue, often the s drops off https and produces a security warning. Just give it a few hours. No idea whether bad IT or deliberate server disconnection*

Theresa May MP
10 Downing Street

Sign petitions to Parliament and politicians NB: Parliamentary petitions suspended until September 2017. the sister site to Writetothem, you can track what your MP says in Parliament and how s/he votes which can be good ammunition for emails or letters.

If you have a TV licence or get an exemption you can watch BBC Parliament Live on TV or via iPlayer. An announcement tells you which MP is speaking and his or her party. The Speaker, John Bercow, is entertaining.

Parliament makes its own internet-only webcast, which you don’t need a TV licence for as although broadcast live, it’s not available on TV despite the Parliamentlive TV website address. Parliamentlive does not have an announcer. Hansard is available online soon after debates and is a complete record of who said what when and how they voted.

BBC Radio 4 broadcasts ‘Today in Parliament’ and no TV licence is needed for that. Nor do you need a TV licence to listen to BBC radio via the internet on BBC iPlayer or via the BBC Radio Four website.