Knitting for Remain

Women on marches in the USA knitted simple hats, which are basically a short tube with a straight rather than shaped, top. When worn the top corners look like ears hence the name ‘pussy hat’.

Knit a Pussy hat – Studio Knit this website has a video tutorial. You can find others by searching ‘how to knit a pussy hat’ on YouTube but remember it’s a darkish blue, not pink.

The EU flag has a circle of 12 stars, represent ‘ unity, solidarity and harmony among the peoples of Europe ‘  according to the website. You might not be able to fit twelve stars on there (or even want to) and a few random yellow stars would look just as good.  Here’s the Knitted stars which are just 48 short rows. Again, if you want to peruse other star patterns, try YouTube, above.

Here’s a pattern that supposedly anyone can knit  with any yarn and it’s even shown in blue. Knit a one-row scarf and just add the stars.

Hadlow College 1973
Family photo. Hadlow College 1973. Copyright 2017 Théroigne S B G Russell