Brexit Protest for Older Remainers

You might have been a Silent Remainer before, but after Sir Vince Cable’s remarks about older people, you want younger people to know that you voted Remain !

An obvious (and cheap) way of showing this is to buy some ‘Don’t blame me I voted Remain’ badges, which you can get from places like Amazon and eBay.

If you can email, then you can email the Prime Minister, your MP and your MEP.

Email 10 Downing Street 
Find a British MEP

Email your MP  

If you aren’t great with email, you can find the postal addresses via this link
Remainers, Getting Political  – also gives addresses for Conservative and Labour parties. You can find out how to track your MP either by email or by watching TV or listening to the radio.

Postage to EU is quite expensive – sometimes more than a fiver. If you want to, you could call the general European Union number free of charge (check with operator if non-BT landline) and ask to leave a message for your MEP on 0080067891011(that’s the whole number needed)

The European Parliament Portal will tell you anything you need to know about the European Parliament and you can watch internet EPTV of plenary sessions and committees.

European Parliament Information Office London can be contacted if that’s easier. will help you track your MEP

Knitting for Remain is something that some older people can do. Maybe knitting EU flag pussy hats or scarves to raise money for your local pro-EU group. You could get together with friends to teach younger  relatives (and their friends), how to knit the items themselves and then they in turn, could teach others.

If you want to attend a march but can’t manage the whole distance, ask the organisers whether you can join nearer the end or go straight to the venue using the Contact us page on their website or crowdfunding page – most won’t have a postal address. Example: The People’s March 4EU – 09 September – Contact Us

If you can’t march and don’t like being in crowds, perhaps you could help out at a stall held by a local pro-Remain group in the town centre. Just take along a fold-up garden chair and anything else you need. Most don’t last more than three hours.

To find groups, have a look on the Home page of RemainerAction. Details of events may be listed in the blog, the Search facility will let you look for your town. Otherwise look for a group or event on Google, Facebook and Twitter using name of your town and ‘for Europe’ or ‘stays’.

Twinning associations usually have European twin towns or villages, but twinners aren’t necessarily 100% Remain. Twinners are predominately older, so you may find that most of the people are in a similar age bracket. You can get involved and become the bridge between older twinners and younger Remainers, helping to set up a youth section for the under 30s, perhaps.

There isn’t a national twinning organisation and even thriving twinning associations don’t always have a website, let alone Facebook or Twitter. Some are listed on RemainerAction in county (NB ongoing project) but websites may look disused.

It’s always worth speaking to someone from parish, town, borough or district council, as appropriate. The problem with phoning a number on a disused website, is that you don’t know whether you’re going to get the Secretary, a widow/er or a new occupier completely.

You will often find, that if one person comes out and says: ” I voted Remain ” that others will admit it too. Or if you are wearing a badge, reading ‘The New European’ or carrying an EU flag umbrella, that people will talk to you about the European Union. It will often get you smiles and more help from EU citizens too.

Another way to meet Remainers, is to join a short or part-time course. European literature in translation, European cinema, Norman history, and of course languages.  Your local library should be able to help with an adult education centre brochure or Workers’ Education Association brochure.

If there isn’t a pro-Remain group locally, you could start one. Either by gathering all the Remainers you can find together in a meeting, or by contacting an organisation like

European Movement UK
New Europeans
Britain for Europe

European Movement UK and New Europeans are membership organisations which you can join cheaply and they will also have details of members in your area and can help put a group together.

There’s NO reason whatsoever, why older Remainers shouldn’t be able to form a general Seniors for Europe type group for their county OR another town group if yours is not served at all.

If you’re retired and have a lot of time but not a lot of money Protesting Brexit on a budget should be helpful. Also Remainer Survival 101 may have some tips.

YouGov is oft quoted in the media and it’s their poll of just 2000 people, which started the whole older people are shafting the younger people, argument. You can sign up and balance the Leave attitude !

RemainerAction doesn’t support the purchasing of newspapers from the pro-Brexit Murdoch stable (eg Sun, Sunday Times, Times) or those which have been proven to promulgate hate such as Daily Express, Daily Mail, Telegraph.

There is one useful thing which you can do if you have the time and can use the internet. That’s to go onto their websites (especially Express and Mail), register (use a nickname not your real one as a screen name) and start responding see Reader Comments

RemainerAction has a BoycottList Brexit Boycott Info 1 and a Remainer Support List so you can choose as an individual, not to support pro-Brexit companies and to support pro-Remain companies instead. (Ongoing project). If that means swapping to more expensive products, MySupermarket is useful. MySupermarket 

Create a local council in England 
Why not become a councillor with a pro-Remain stance ?  Or get a group of people together and if you don’t have a town council, for example, start working towards that.

Sign petitions another useful activity which can be slotted in while you’re on the phone or on public transport (if you have a smartphone which gives you internet access on the go). European Parliament Petitions Portal

SixteenMillionRising podcast on Mixcloud – think of it as monthly radio via the internet, which you can listen to, whenever you like. . You can listen to Remain events and music.  Look out for SMR EPSP Brexit: What Next ? (after Episode 10) with Jolyon Maugham QC and Dr Mike Galsworthy, recorded at a Bristol for Europe event.

European Citizens Initiatives are usually signed online, but if you contact the individual organisers (not the European Commission) you may be able to collect signatures on paper in some instances. Basically, they are all variations on retaining EU citizenship.
European Citizenship: European Citizens’ Initiatives

You might be a party member feeling let down by your party and looking for a new home. Or you may not have been politically active before and now want to be. Remainers, Getting Political To truly find the best fitting party use I Side With and answer as many questions about your political beliefs as possible. Over 4 million people have taken this test.

You might need help getting it set up, but you could fly the EU flag. Buy a Flagpole !

There are plenty of ideas all over the RemainerAction website and we try to get up lots of events too. If the side bar is playing up, you can search for a county, group, month in Search. All of the website is searchable.

You might want to bookmark this page, have a think and come back to it. Go at your own pace within your own capabilities, but please don’t let age itself stop you trying new things !

Copyright 2017 Théroigne S B G Russell



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