Events October 2017

Various dates in October
NFU-ADHU Brexit Roadshows – October 2017
London Oktoberfest 2017
Sunday 01 October
StopBrexitMarch Manchester
PCS Demonstrate Against The Tories ! (The People’s Assembly) Manchester
The Brexit Tour of London (last tour of season)
French market, Horsham
Tuesday 03 October
The Brexit Negotiations – Quo Vadis ? London
Wednesday 04 October
Nick Clegg, Henley Literary Festival
Alkmaar Café, Bath 18:00 – 19:30
Bath for Europe Get-together, Wednesday 4th October, 7:30 – 9:00 pm
Friday 06 October
Can Britain’s Labour Party Stop Brexit ? London
Saturday 07 October
Maastricht: 25 Years After The Treaty, Maastricht
The Story of the Bayeux Tapestry, Maidstone
Monday 09 October
Salisbury for Europe Gathering and Executive Committee
Post Brexit Advice Forum for EU/EEA Nationals, Islington
Tuesday 10 October
How the UK Parliament Works, London
Wednesday 11 October
La République d’Emmanuel Macron, Haywards Heath
European Movement Eastbourne dinner Dr Tim Bale ‘What Next ?’
‘Bovver on the Hover’, Deal
Thursday 12 October
Citizenship in Post Brexit Europe, Westminster
Europe in the Archives, Europe in the Future, Florence (to 13 October)
Friday 13 October
Welcome Italia 2017 (trade only – public 14th and 15th)
Saturday 14 October
Battle of Hastings re-enactment, E Sussex (and 15th)
Anglo-German Family History Society, London
European Movement Action Day, Burgess Hill
European Movement Action Day, Bakewell
European Movement Action Day, Halesworth
European Movement Action Day, Lancaster
European Movement Action Day, Leicester
European Movement Action Day – Oxford
European Movement Action Day, Southsea
European Movement Action Day, Clapham Junction
Regional Rallies to #StopBrexit
#StopBrexit regional rallies – York
#StopBrexit Regional Rallies – Birmingham
#StopBrexit regional rallies – Bristol
#StopBrexit regional rallies – Cardiff
#StopBrexit regional rallies – Scotland
#StopBrexit Regional rallies – Liverpool
#StopBrexit regional rallies – Newcastle Rally for Europe
#StopBrexit Regional Rallies – Nottingham
#StopBrexit Regional Rallies – Cambridge
#StopBrexit regional rallies – London
Sunday 15 October
Topsy Turvy Politics and the New World Order, Cliveden
Twitterchat: James Chapman live
Tuesday 17 October
Legal Advice Forum for EEA/EU nationals and UK Cypriots, London
Yanis Varoufakis, London
Wednesday 18 October
Goodbye Berlin, London
The Right to Stay in the UK Q&A, Lancaster
Thursday 19 October
Hard Brexit, Soft Brexit, No Brexit ? LSE
Friday 20 October
Brexit Environmental Update, London
The Great Nordic Feast, London
Saturday 21 October
The Great Nordic Feast, London
#StopBrexit street stall, Stockport
Sunday 22 October
The Great Nordic Feast, London
Monday 23 October
Salisbury for Europe Gathering and Executive Committee
Tuesday 24 October
Pro-EU Conference, London
Brexit Time, Cambridge
Wednesday 25 October
Brexit Means ? For Peace and Security, St Andrews
Thursday 26 October
France en Vélo, Dorchester
Friday 27 October
Paddy Ashdown, Yeovil
YEM Model European Union, Bristol
Saturday 28 October
Flamenco Express, Folkestone
Huguenots and the Industrial Revolution, Rochester
Sunday 29 October
Chartwell (Winston Churchill’s home) closes for winter
Tuesday 31 October
The Battle of Margate 1387, Margate Museum (last date of exhibition)

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