Brexit Boycott List 2

Here’s the link to Brexit Boycott Info 1 for companies which you can choose to boycott if you wish, as a matter of consumer choice.

It goes without saying that newspapers owned by Brexit-supporting billionaire media barons who don’t pay tax in the UK and which spew hate and lies, are boycott candidates.  That’s Daily Express, Daily Mail, Telegraph, The Sun, The Times, Mail on Sunday, Sunday Times etc. Ukip politicians and members too.

Virgin Trains
Guardian 15.01.18
Other Virgin companies could be boycotted also. Please check that they ARE Virgin companies however. Virgin Media, for example, was bought by Liberty Global for £15bn in 2013 Guardian 06.02.13

Archbishop of Canterbury
Archbishop of Canterbury supports Brexit

Marcus Wareing
BBC Hardtalk interview 12.12.17
Wareing in Daily Mail
Marcus Wareing Restaurants & Bars
Plus boycott of his eight cookbooks – don’t buy or if you have/received as presents please donate to charity shop.

Ann Widdecombe
Metro – Ann Widdecombe

Spectator – Morrissey

Lord Tebbit
Daily Express – Tebbit – Marxists

Lord Lamont
Lord Lamont BBC 15.11.17

Elizabeth Hurley
Dame Joan Collins

Wochit News 24.06.16

Noel Gallagher
Telegraph – Noel Gallagher

Boston, Lincolnshire

Getting £1.4m of taxpayers’ money as a reward for being the most xenophobic town in Britain with a 75.6% Leave vote. BBC News Most Anti-EU Town in Britain Gets £1.4m

Lord Edmiston 
Gave money to Vote Leave and Grassroots Out. Lives in Portugal.
Guardian: Offshore Leavers

Jim Mellon
Co-proprietor with Arron Banks of Conister Bank Conister Bank
Owner of The Hoxton Pony, Shoreditch
Mentioned in Guardian: Offshore Leavers

Billy Bragg 
Full English Brexit song

Robert Peston ReLeaver
Express: Robert Peston – ReLeaver

Theo Paphitis’ blog

G M Boyer
320 Blucher Road

Brexit Blue cheese

Burberry Last year Christopher Bailey was CEO and against Brexit and now he’s Chief Creative Officer and calling Brexit an opportunity
Christopher Bailey – Brexit “opportunity”- City AM

 which announced on Twitter  in August 2017 that it’s tying up with the Daily Mail. Campaigns such as Stop Funding Hate and Sleeping Giants are working hard to persuade advertisers not to support these hate peddlers.

Then along comes Nectar and cheerfully announces that it’s hooking up with probably the #2 most hate-filled tabloid in UK. Owned by a privileged Viscount, second generation  non-dom who pays zero tax in UK and neither does the paper. Not only that, the Mail has been a flinger of hate for many years and even supported the Nazis. Rothermere’s great-grandfather met with Hitler.

One Nectar point for every £ spent means it costs a lot to get that £5.00 voucher. For many, it will save more money, switching to another supermarket.

if you want to use your Nectar card and want them to ditch the Daily Mail please tweet them @nectar and tell them. They have been overwhelmed with responses so maybe they will realise that many many people don’t want them supporting such a hate-filled tabloid and making purveyors of hate part of our everyday lives.

Petition to Waitrose re: Daily Mail


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