Remainers recycle to raise funds !

Scouts, Cubs, Brownies and Guides across the UK collect drinks cans which they sell to scrapyards to raise funds. Pro-EU groups could do the same. Think how many food cans, jar lids, beer bottle tops and pieces of aluminium foil you get through in a month and multiply that by the number of people in your group.


Metal cutlery
Old bendy baking trays
Past their best metal loaf tins, bun trays, muffin tins, dariole moulds etc
Aluminium and stainless steel saucepans
Metal implements eg slice, ladle, potato masher


Brass plant pots, candlesticks, ornaments
Pins, needles, safety pins, metal paperclips, staples, hole punch
Metal cufflinks, chains, broken non valuable metal jewellery
Metal from defunct light fittings
Brass stair rods
Copper and lead pipes
Taps (remove any plastic if poss)
Brass fire fenders, coal buckets, coal tongs, toasting forks
Metal from dead fans, vacuum cleaners etc if feasible to remove safely

Garden Shed

Unwanted metal DIY and garden tools
Padlocks, chains, bolts, keys
Biscuit tins
Metal buckets
Nails, screws (rusty is fine)
Metal folding chairs and loungers without the fabric
Rotary airers without the line
The spring bit from broken plastic or wooden clothes pegs
Bicycle wheels without tyres
Bike frames without saddle, wheels, brakes etc


Metal gates
Cast iron and cast aluminium garden furniture eg tables. parasol bases, chairs
Unwanted or broken metal obelisks
Metal fencing


Car wheels without tyres
Any junk as in shed

It helps to separate metal into ferrous (sticks to magnet) and non-ferrous (doesn’t) and to make sure it’s all clean (other than say rust or paint). It’s also a good idea to keep all the small stuff in a ferrous or non-ferrous container as appropriate so that pins don’t stick someone.

Ask the scrapyard about dead cars, white goods, boilers and electrical cabling. The yard might not take everything.

If your group has a bank account, then it’s often possible for the scrap yard to transfer the money raised into the account.

Besides a monthly or quarterly scrap delivery, groups could also have a Scrap Metal Drive once a year and ask friends, family, colleagues and neighbours to dig out their scrap.

If you’re a young person in a flat you probably won’t have this stuff but your parents and grandparents will have loads of it.

Copyright 2015 Théroigne S B G Russell