Remainer Merch and Gifts

Instead of paying through the nose, to be a walking advertisement for a designer who merely licensed someone to use his or her name, why not use your body to advertise causes you believe in ?

Being out and proud as a Remainer, with t-shirts, tote bags, umbrellas etc makes Remain more visible and normal, as a movement. Wear your Remainer tee in the supermarket, down the pub, on the tennis court, to the cinema. #RemainEveryDay.

Royal and Awesome sells vibrant EU flag design golfing trousers like hot cakes on both sides of the Atlantic via Amazon. Eurostar golfing trousers 

If you need to be more discreet in an office, Amazon UK has EU flag cufflinks 12.99 and a slate grey silk EU tie 10.99 from The Great British Tie Club.

Or how about Andralok 9ct yellow gold star earrings 17.99 from Argos. English Heritage has a Roman horse brooch and a Roman helmet pendant charm 

Nutees has blue cotton V for Vendetta mask design hoodies ‘Remember Remember the Fifth of November’

Manchester for Europe has a whole Teemill website going on, with t-shirts, hoodie,  tote bags, tea towels (stocking filler for Remainer students in your life ?) and kids’ t-shirts. Much of the Manchester for Europe merch uses the iconic Manchester bee.
Manchester for Europe clothing

Katharine Hamnett has been producing tshirts for causes for many years and she was spotted on a night out in Paris wearing a Cancel Brexit t-shirt. It’s possible to buy Cancel Brexit t-shirts which support the Labour party or the Katharine Hamnett Consultancy fund to help UK Remain, see more info here. Cancel Brexit ! The t-shirts cost £19.00 and are made of the softest high quality cotton. (I bought one – Théroigne)

The People’s March for Europe Teemill website features both own logo  and slogan t-shirts plus the non-Labour party-supporting Katharine Hamnett Cancel Brexit t-shirts.

Adam Selene designed a ‘Never Gonna Give EU up’ t-shirt with EUFlagMafia’s Twitter handle on the front Adam Selene Never Gonna Give EU Up EUFlagmafia tshirt Unisex tshirt £14.50 Redbubble Redbubble also has other EU flag design items.

Word Up Design has official #StopBrexit t-shirts and silicone wristbands which donate money to the marches in Bournemouth, Brighton an Manchester this autumn.

Besides these, Word Up Design has a pro EU Remain range encompassing t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, vests, beanie, umbrella, beach towels, tea towels, buttons, cards, stickers, postcards,  a hat similar to Her Maj’s for 27.99 and a beautiful Remainer eternity ring for £54.99.

Demarcation Designs has various Remainer designs, as well as t-shirts with George Orwell quotes.

If you want to poke fun at the Prime Minister, how about Coffee and Chips in Cornwall card £1.75 Redbubble as a birthday card to a Remainer friend or Tory supporter ?

All I Want For Christmas Is To Keep My EU Citizenship cards £1.69 each Redbubble ideal to wind up the Leaver relies who believe  slogans on buses.

The New European has t-shirts, mugs and of course,  subscription offers. If you want the Parker rollerball pen though, subscribe

For kids, Manchester for Europe Bee the Change t-shirt is cute. Madelina Kay has produced a wonderful book for kids Go Back To Where You Came From: The Adventures of Alba White Wolf and has crowddfunded the sequel Alba White Wolf Goes to Europe

Additionally, Madeleina has produced Theresa Maybe in Brexitland which is beautifully illustrated and a great stocking filler. (The Husband pounced on it before I could hide it and was very impressed – Théroigne)

Those EU flag masks as seen on The People’s March for Europe, can be bought for 4.99 EU flag masks – Amazon UK

English Heritage has a cute Roman bear or for stocking fillers, the 2016 re-release of the 1966 Ladybird book William the Conqueror and a Roman figure set 

If you’re visiting Battle Abbey, especially for the re-enactment of the Battle of Hastings 14 & 15 October 2017 you can dress your children up as Normans. Norman helmet Norman kite shield and a 1066 wooden sword ! There’s a 1000 piece Battle Abbey jigsaw too.

For the home, English Heritage has unusual Norman-style goblets and a ” Let Us Go Forward Together !” Churchill tea towel and you can own a Winston Churchill bust for under £20


Updated 09-09-17

@EUFlagMafia tshirt by Adam Selene from Redbubble. Photo copyright 2017 Théroigne S B G Russell





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