We need to point out to people, with humility, that it is OK to change your mind.

Bath for Europe

Alan Champneys reflects on the factors that caused many people to vote for Brexit and how to change the mindset of an electorate

Alan Champney speaking at Pulse of Europe Sept 17. Photo © Mick Yates.

Why are we doing this? Why are we making speeches, writing blogs, giving out leaflets, attending demos rather than taking the advice of the many we meet in the streets, who tell us “you’re too late, it’s all over” or “we voted, we’re leaving, just get used to it”?

Why do we continue to campaign?

To get to the nub of that question, we need to understand what happened in the referendum last year. We need to understand not just what happened but why it happened. Indeed, many of our colleagues, friends, loved ones voted to leave. Why did they do that?

Those who voted out mostly did so with their hearts rather than…

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