Remainers must change course to stop Brexit

Salisbury for Europe

by Nick Kent | 11.09.2017

The referendum may have been a snapshot of public opinion, fought on a fancy franchise with a dodgy question and won by those who told a farrago of lies to do so. But Brexit is going to happen if Remainers don’t change course.

There is a tendency for Remainers to think that the summer has been good for us. The government has retreated from its silly rhetoric of “no deal is better than a bad deal”, the Leavers have had to accept a transitional period which only a couple of months ago they were bitterly opposing, and the general election has given Remainers the chance to amend the so-called Repeal Bill.

These are welcome victories but in truth they are small ones. Hard or soft, Brexit means Brexit. It is true that leaving without agreement would be disastrous and that a transitional period will help…

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