New Europeans (South East) AGM, London

New Europeans will be holding an Annual General Meeting for the South East.

Friday 22 September 2017 18:00 BST

Europe House
32 Smith Square

Free, for members of New Europeans and there will be a light buffet and drinks after the AGM to enable you to meet New Europeans staff and other South East region members.


Maria Luisa Macalli
Coordinator, New Europeans SEE (South East England)

James Beckles
Coordinator, New Europeans LON (London)


1. Welcome and introductions
2. Apologies for absence
3. Appointment of regional action team and reports from Oxford and Brighton branches

Regional Action Team comprises: Branch Coordinator, Membership Secretary, Events Coordinator, Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator, Branch Administrator, Social Media Officer, Campaigns Officer.

Regional Action Teams should comprise 50% women and 50% non-British members

4. Presentation of New Europeans development plan by Founder and CEO, Roger Casale

If Britain Brexits, New Europeans will not be able to receive EU funding in UK. Therefore, New Europeans Brussels (New Europeans AISBL) will be established as the operational hub  for the development of city and regional branches in both UK and across Europe.

New Europeans Association Ltd, the current UK operational hub, will apply for charitable status, to benefit from charitable funding in the UK, if we Brexit.

Members of New Europeans will be able to Remain members of New Europeans Association Ltd and be a member of New Europeans AISBL at no extra cost.

5. Programme reports
6. Campaign reports

Presumably, this will include The People’s March for Europe, which New Europeans co-sponsored.

More information on ongoing campaign to ask British people to rethink Brexit and to protect EU citizens in UK and UK citizens in EU.

7. Future activities

On Thursday 3 May 2018, many local councillors in the SE will be up for re-election. EU citizens can vote in these elections and stand for election. New Europeans will reveal plans for these elections.

8. AOB (Any Other Business)

Members from the SE region wishing to attend this regional AGM should RSVP by email>
southeast at neweuropeans dot net (you know what to do). Also use this email address for any ideas for London and SE.

For general enquiries or ideas about developing New Europeans as a whole please email bureau at neweuropeans dot net (again, you know what to do there).

Calais 1971
Family photo. Calais 1971. Copyright 2017 Théroigne S B G Russell