#StopBrexit, Brighton – Road

Due to reports of a potentially harmful substance on the M3 on Saturday 23 September 2017 and M1, three days before, thousands have experienced ‘travel misery’ recently.

With the Labour Party conference, #StopBrexit march and rally, Color Run, and Brighton and Hove Albion v Newcastle United match all kicking off (#sorrynotsorry) this weekend, roads to Brighton will be busy.

Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss-Poor Performance is a military proverb known as The Six P’s, which people who have served in the British armed forces will be familiar with. It’s a good idea to plan travel, because circumstances can change.

Batteries for all devices charged, music and movies (with headphones), plenty of water, snacks and at least one big umbrella.

If you use satnav to deviate away from a problem on the motorway or main road, are your brakes and tires up to steep hills, sharp bends and bad road surfaces ?

If you’re a group organiser, does the coach driver know the route well enough to be able to use alternative roads, without making the coach a convertible ?

Although travel services on satnav, AA, RAC and radio are good, if you get directed off a motorway in an unfamiliar area and the young people and/or adults are wanting a ‘comfort break’ and/or food, travelling with a geeky person is cool. S/he will be on it like whatevs giving you a range of choices and dishing out the postcodes for satnav, almost as quickly as Google and probably more accurately than your satnav.

For those on a budget, traffic incident or not, you’ll save on fuel and food, by using an out of town supermarket near a motorway, rather than a motorway services area. So again, a bit of prep helps your budget.

Just Off Junction – M23 petrol stations

If you’d rather not deviate even 2 mins away from the motorway, Motorway Services Online will tell you who’s operating what, where. It also covers trunk road service areas eg A23.

RAC route planner
AA  route planner

RAC traffic news
AA traffic news

NCP car parks
Brighton Park and Ride parking is free, you just pay the bus fares !

Stop 24. Kent. Copyright 2017 Théroigne S B G Russell





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