Time For A Political Revolution !

Don’t normally blog as such, but incensed. After all the effort and expense which Remainers went to, to get to #StopBrexitBrighton today, I’m furious that Momentum delegates have basically fixed the Labour Party conference agenda. Is Momentum the Politburo of the Labour Party now ?

Brexit is the biggest issue since the Second World War, and the Labour party will debate but not vote on it. That just seems like a political black hole. The Tories will crow ad infintum at conference in Manchester.

Corbyn is giving his poll lead to Maybot on a platinum platter.

Remainers failed by 1.3m votes to get the win, in an advisory referendum. Pre-referendum, the Government and Opposition were pro-Remain and the day after, Remainers were being stabbed all over by politicians who had lied through their teeth.

We can blame ourselves for not being engaged in politics, in sufficient numbers, to make sure that our politicians are accountable. We can blame the people too lazy to go and vote, because they believed Remain was a sure thing.

But those politicians and their self-interested billionaire backers are the avaricious ones who made the referendum campaign about party and pockets before country.

When a woman can become Prime Minister by default, unelected by the Conservative party, let alone anyone outside Maidenhead, British democracy is broken.

When a newly-returned MP can become leader of the Liberal Democrat party without an election, British democracy is broken.

When a Jeremy Corbyn fan club masquerading as a grassroots Labour campaign is able to fix the agenda of the Labour Party conference, British democracy is broken.

Not forgetting the pink elephant in the room – DUP propping up Theresa May’s Government for money, for a Brexit which the majority of people in Northern Ireland didn’t vote for.

Various people have attempted or are attempting to form a new political party. But this has not been the Macron-like success they had hoped for.

However much Sir Vince Cable wishes it, it’s unlikely that he will get swept into #10. He was a minister in the Coalition, which denotes at least Gatwick amounts of political baggage.

We need a political revolution, no pitchforks involved.

Throwing my 5 euros in here, it seems to me, that the fastest way of getting a new pro-European party up and running, is to have talks with ALDE (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe).

ALDE has individual members in the UK and the Liberal Democrats is an ALDE member party. Back in May 2017, ALDE became the first properly recognised European political party ALDE Press Release May 2017

Europe House has bulletproof windows, so why not gather the likes of  A C Grayling,  Jolyon Maugham, Mike Galsworthy,  Catherine Bearder, Ian Dunt, James Chapman, Nick Hopkinson, Chris Formaggia, Elena Remigi, Ken Clarke, Sarah Ludford, Steve Peers, Matt Carr, Michael Heseltine, Tom Bruffato, Roger Casale, Emmy van Deurzen, Matt Kelly and many more into a room, to come up with a plan.

Then with a plan, hold talks with ALDE and Liberal Democrats to see whether it could be put into action.

Worth a try ?


Sir Winston Churchill, Westerham. Copyright 2017 Théroigne S B G Russell






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