Brexit ‘potentially catastrophic’ for the health service, experts suggest in Lancet journal

Salisbury for Europe

In a withering critique, the researchers add they have ‘no confidence’ that Theresa May’s Government is yet in a position to address the consequences of Brexit on Britain’s health service
Researchers analysed three potential outcomes of the Brexit negotiations on the NHS Getty
Brexit could have a “potentially catastrophic” impact on the NHS, the authors of a major new report have claimed as they warned they had no confidence the Government was in a position to address the consequences.

Assessing three scenarios – “soft Brexit, hard Brexit, and failed Brexit” – the authors conclude in the Lancet medical journal that each poses a substantial threat to the NHS.
Even a so-called soft Brexit that retains access to the EU’s single market while restricting free movement is likely to have a big impact on health care, they claim.
“The workforce of the NHS is heavily reliant on EU staff,” the authors…

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