Crowdfund: Challenge to Tory/DUP deal

Ciaran McClean is a mental health worker and Green Party member in Northern Ireland. He started a crowdfund on CrowdJustice, to raise the money necessary, to challenge Theresa May’s deal with the DUP.

Theresa May wants to use UK taxpayers’ money to give NI extra and get 10 extra votes from DUP MPs, to give her a majority in the House of Commons.

BBC- 09.07.17 – Tory-DUP deal to face legal challenge
inews – Tory-DUP confidence and supply deal facing legal challenge

Ciaran McClean, backed by Edwin Coe LLP, feels that this deal with the DUP breaks the Good Friday Agreement, over impartiality. It certainly breaks the convention of the Barnett formula on public spending. Ciaran McClean also thinks it breaks the Bribery Act 2010.

Gina Miller is of the opinion that the deal breaks the Equality Act 2010. In response to a letter, the Government did admit that the deal’s financial expenditure needs Parliamentary approval

The Guardian – 11.09.17 – Tory-DUP £1bn payment needs Parliament’s approval after Gina Miller challenge

Basically, it boils down to this. If the Tory-DUP deal is found to break the Good Friday Agreement on impartiality grounds, or the Bribery Act 2010 ie it’s unlawful, it can’t continue.

Mayhem wants to use UK taxpayers’ money to give NI more public funding, without matching it in England, Scotland and Wales (hence against Barnett Formula), to gain votes of 10 DUP MPs. No-one in England, Scotland or Wales can vote for DUP. Not only was NI Remain, no-one in NI can vote for the Conservatives.

The General Election took place in June, but no money has been paid out by the Government yet. Could it be that Maybot isn’t confident about winning the case ?

CrowdJustice – Challenge to UK Government/DUP deal for breaking Good Friday Agreement

This is really important ! Your £5 can make a difference when added to all those other fivers.

First court date 26 October 2017

Dover Castle. Copyright Théroigne S B G Russell

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