Crowdfund: The People’s Challenge

The People’s Challenge broke all British records for justice crowdfunding, when it raised a six figure sum, to stand alongside Gina Miller, Deir Dos Santos and others, and prevented Theresa May from triggering Article 50 by letter, bypassing our sovereign parliament altogether.

This meant forcing the Government, before the case, to publish hitherto secret defence documents and The People’s Challenge, led by Grahame Pigney made submissions to the courts.

Fundamental and non-replicable EU Citizenship rights PDF
Pigney Respondents’ Case PDF

The case went all the way to the Supreme Court and won.

The People’s Challenge followed this by producing a briefing for all MPs and peers.
Parliamentary sovereignty worth fighting for PDF
Seven Reasons to Stand Up for Parliament’s Sovereignty PDF

Then came the Gold Card PDF showing our EU citizenship rights
EU Citizenship Rights ‘gold card’ PDF

The People’s Challenge then raised more money (everything is crowdfunded), to commission The Three Knights Opinion PDF from the best constitutional lawyers in Britain, to give the real position on Article 50.

This was followed by a guide to the legal milestones en route to Brexit.
The People’s Challenge Guide to Brexit July 2017 PDF

The People’s Challenge is a small active group of people, using Bindmans LLP solicitors and barristers from Monckton Chambers, Matrix Chambers and Brick Court chambers at pro bono ie discount rates, paid for by crowdfunding as necessary.

The People’s Challenge seeks to identify areas within the European Union Withdrawal Bill which encroach on our rights and the sovereignty of Parliament and brief MPs and peers.

Additionally, The People’s Challenge wants to research opportunities for campaigns and for legal cases (these would be funded by CrowdJustice, as before) and needs funds for the prep work, phones and website.

A not for profit organisation, The People’s Challenge Ltd, has been set up, plus a crowdfunder on GoFundMe, to get the essential prep work done before calling in lawyers. The group of people who began The People’s Challenge have been paying for all the non-legal expenses and are finding that difficult.

Without identifying where to use the lawyers, the whole idea of The People’s Challenge, pretty much falls over.

The People’s Challenge website

So please read their GoFundMe fundraiser – ThePeople’s Challenge and donate.

Mlle Marcelle Lender (1895) Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, LACMA (LA County Museum of Art)





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