A democrat’s duty is not to follow the people’s will blindly

Salisbury for Europe

by Anthony Cary | 12.10.2017
Theresa May clearly thinks Brexit is a bad idea. But she and other politicians mistakenly think their job is to follow the people rather than lead them.

In her LBC interview this week, the prime minister refused to say how she’d vote if there was another referendum. She is too honest to pretend that she has changed her mind. But she thinks it her democratic duty to deliver what the people voted for last year.
May has perhaps persuaded herself that this is the principled course because it is also the path of least resistance. It accords with the views of the elite anti-EU ideologues in her party and the Brexiters in the Conservative constituency organisations. And it is screamed at her daily by the virulently pro-Brexit press who proclaim the “will of the people”.
She has taken the same position as a former…

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