Review: The Armchair Activist’s Handbook – Ruth Stokes

The Armchair Activist’s Handbook by Ruth Stokes, published by Silvertail Books in 2013

If you’re a bit of an eco-warrior Remainer, than the whole book is recommended. If your focus is purely Remain, then you’ll find Chapter Nine, Clicktivism, useful.

However, if you knit or are looking to learn, then Chapter Seven, Crafty Justice, could be useful, especially if you use Knitting for Remain

The book is very engaging, written in a chatty personal yet informative style.

Currently (20.10.17) The Armchair Activist’s Handbook is free, on Amazon UK’s Kindle Unlimited. For those without Kindle Unlimited, it might not be worth buying the book for just one or two chapters, in which case, why not try your local library ? The more library users it has, the more likely it is, that your local library will stay open.

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