Dear Mr Angry-Brexiter-in-the-Street

Bath for Europe

A number of our group spend considerable time on the streets of Bath, leafleting commuters and passers-by or speaking to people at our street stall. More often than not, our experiences are positive. We’ve had people thank us, even hug us, and have thought-provoking, enlightening conversations with us. Only a minority of encounters turn nasty. Such a run-in prompted a campaigner amongst us to pen this.

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Dear Mr Angry-Brexiter-in-the-Street

Please don’t call me “love”.  It’s intensely patronising and, actually, I’d rather not accept any terms of endearment from you.

To you I may look like a dumpy, delusional middle-aged woman wearing a daft beret who needs the benefit of your manly wisdom.  But believe me, your superior stature and possession of a penis do not automatically bestow you with an intellectual advantage.

While you’re at it, it would make things much more pleasant for me if you didn’t invade my…

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