How #EUSuperGirl became a Hashtag and Drew International Attention to my STOP BREXIT Campaign

Alba White Wolf

Remain Campaigning

I have been campaigning against Brexit since the result of the EU referendum on 24th June 2016 when the UK made the catastrophic decision to leave the European Union. Akin to hitting an economic, social and political self-destruct button, leaving the EU will have devastating consequences and this disastrous decision must be stopped at all costs. 

indiegogo2 “Judges on a Bus” protest outside the Supreme Courts on 5th December 2016. Image featured on the Guardian website.

Childish or Considered Style?

The fundamental aim of my campaign is to prevent Brexit from occurring. But considering the referendum result was a supposedly “democratic” vote (albeit only an advisory decision), I believe it is essential to change public opinion in order to reverse the outcome of the referendum. In order to do this, I believe we must first try to understand the cause…

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