Five scenarios about NOT leaving the EU

Salisbury for Europe

Tom McTague 10/22/17,

Even as divorce negotiations stall in Brussels, very few in London want to walk away from the European Union without a deal.

The nightmare now being discussed privately by many MPs is that Prime Minister Theresa May is too weak either to push through the concessions necessary to get a deal with Brussels — most obviously in the form of a cash payment to the EU27 — or to survive the consequences of failure to reach an agreement.
In the event of such an impasse, Britain either falls off the cliff at the end of the Article 50 period, finds a way to delay Brexit to get more time to find a way through the crisis, or reverses the decision to leave altogether.
“It would be a very acute political crisis,” said one Conservative MP not prone to hyperbole.

Such calculations ratchet up the pressure on the…

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