Rage Against the Brexit Machine

Alba White Wolf


The Birth of the Protest Singer

I wrote my first protest song on 24th June 2016. It was called I’m Sorry We Left EUI will be the first to admit it wasn’t very good, but it came from the heart, including such expertly crafted lyrics as; 

“We didn’t mean to cause division,
We still want to sing in the Eurovision.” 

Which, after my Dad told me sounded too cheesey, I then changed to; 

“We didn’t mean to cause division,
We want to help in the global mission,
To end hatred, poverty and war,
We want to go back to how things were before.” 

IMG_1471 First Political Protest Outside Sheffield Town Hall (June 2016)

But Cheese Works…

I later reverted to performing the original lyrics after I realised that the “cheese” had an endearing quality and usually got a few laughs or consensual cheers at protest rallies. This…

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