Book launch: England Alone – Brexit and the Crisis of English Identity, London

The Global Policy Institute and the Federal Trust for Education and Research are hosting the launch of Stephen Haseler’s last book, England Alone: Brexit and the Crisis of English Identity, completed before his death in July 2017.

Wednesday 15 November 2017 17:30 – 19:30 followed by a reception

London Metropolitan University
84 Moorgate

Stephen Haseler’s book has four themes – Brexit as a result of a crisis in English identity and confidence, since the end of the British empire. Leaver delusions based on a fantasy-world view of Britain’s global power, outside of the world’s biggest trading bloc. Brexit as the cause of destabilisation in and possible break-up of the UK. The need for largely anti-Brexit parliamentarians to re-align parties and fight it.

The panel will therefore discuss Sovereignty, Citizenship, English Identity and English Futures.

Introduction (and closing remarks):
Professor Chris Dixon, Acting Director, Global Policy Institute


Brendan Donnelly, Director, Federal Trust for Education and Research
Professor Vernon Bogdanor, King’s College London
Dr Andrew Blick, King’s College London
John Stevens, former MEP
Professor Sam Whimster, Global Policy Institute

To register, please email or call 020 7320 1677

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