Civitas European Union PDFs

These PDFs were designed by Civitas (the Institute for the Study of Society) an independent educational think tank, with charitable status, for use in schools. The recommended external links have been added under the relevant PDF.

Civitas – EU Overview – PDF
Civitas – History of the EU – PDF – History of the European Union
BBC – EU Timeline
Civitas – EU Integration Timeline PDF
Civitas – Arguments For EU – PDF
European Movement UK – About the EU
European Parliament Information Office UK
Civitas – Arguments Against The EU – PDF included to enable direct rebuttals
UKIP website not accessed and The Bruges Group website Error 404 02.11.17
Civitas – UK Political Parties’ Positions – PDF  NB: Before EU Referendum – 2014 European Election Results
Civitas – European Integration Theories PDF
Civitas – Review of the Balance of Competences
UK Govt – Balance of Competences PDF
BBC – Hague Launches Full ‘Audit’ od EU Law and UK

Reading through these PDFs would give a thorough pre-referendum overview, suitable for classrooms and home schooling at appropriate age level. But they would also be a great introduction for people who, though Remainers, don’t know much about the European Union.

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