Pulse of Europe, Sunday 5th November, meet at 2 PM at Bath Abbey Churchyard

Bath for Europe

Bath’s first Pulse of Europe event 5th March 2017. Photo © Clive Dellard

Remember, remember! The theme of this month’s Pulse of Europe on Sunday, 5th November is ‘Bonfire to Brexit”. We will gather for short speeches at Bath Abbey Churchyard at 2 PM, then march through Bath. We’ll finish at the Friends Meeting House on York Street for tea and cake from 3 – 5 PM. Bring appropriate placards, wear your Bath Berets and bring noisemakers and bells. Let’s stand up for our convictions!

Despite what we are being told, Brexit is not a done deal. Article 50 can be revoked. Why won’t the government release its impact studies on how Brexit will affect different sectors of our economy? The economy is already suffering. We, the people, must become more vocal in our opposition to what would be a catastrophe for the country we love. So join us this Sunday…

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